Give me a spark, and I will magnify the shit out of it!

Topics don’t get more personal than an individuals health, and as such it evokes a full spectrum of responses, something I have become really comfortable with over time!

So yesterday I shared a lighthearted in energy, and extremely brief synopsis of a ‘cure’ that has been developed for the treatment of MS – and it ruffled just as many feathers – as hints of starlight that it spread!

So as I sit here surrounded by paradise in Bali… I wanted to take the opportunity to share a little more of my thoughts…

To begin… I am unapologetic in finding light in something that I acknowledge is an incredibly serious subject!

The process (let’s call it that!) that has been demonstrated to be successful in a large enough sample group over a long enough period of time… to be reported officially as a cure that may be made available to the public in certain cases, is one that involves wiping out your entire immune system with chemotherapy to begin with, and with that comes a long period of incubation.

Extreme to say the least!

As someone who has witnessed the soul wrenching heartbreak of watching my Mum go through chemo, and is thankful with every part of my being that she is still the warrior that she always has been, and is here to give me mum hugs today, I feel the gravity of that treatment clearly.

I understand that this process is then followed by a stem cell transplant, something that has been available for quite some time, and unattainable for most due to the huge price tag. This is not a process to be taken lightly!

But with anything, give me a spark of hope and I will magnify the shit out of it!!

That’s who I am and an ethos that has supported me in establishing an incredible level of health today in spite of having MS.

You may choose to view this as media driven hype that is reporting nothing new. You may feel that it is too extreme for consideration… and extreme it is.

But I am choosing with eyes wide open to feel the positivity that this presents for MS’ers everywhere. The potential for a one off process, that has people with the same condition as you and I shouting from the rooftops, that they feel ‘normal’ again.

It is early days, who knows the criteria for qualification on the road ahead and there will no doubt be a number of variables to consider.

However this is progress.

If nothing else, is this not a step closer to the solution that we all pray for every day?

Would I choose to go through it when I have established an awesome level of health, consistency with that, and stability in my MRI’s? Probably not!!

Do I believe that wellness can be established through true balance of mind, body and soul? (Which includes the approach to nutrition, meditation, and a healthy dose of fun that I shout about?) Yes!

But this process… the ‘cure’ … provides options. And as someone just like you, with an incurable disease who wakes up every day, to relentlessly face the challenge of thriving and not just surviving… the existence of a choice makes my heart a little bit happy. And I make no apology for that!

Whatever it is that you are doing today, whatever the challenge that you have… are you choosing to turn your back on it? To see the hurdles ahead? Or are you embracing it with a smile, steely composure and facing it head on?

Isn’t that the ethos that gives us one step of progress… that leads to the next? Isn’t that where a stumble and a reset is better than not crossing the starting line?

Whichever your choice, I absolutely respect it. But if you choose to try to magnify a spark… I’ll come with you for the adventure, and support you along the way!

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