Forget about the botox and start living again!

Uneasy. Unprepared. Hopeful. Frustrating. Tiring. Exhilarating. Painful. Precious. Optimistic. Reflective.

A few words that have been related to getting old… Whether you are making that transition from teens to twenties, 60’s to 70’s, or like me – the first step in the flirty 30’s; There is something about the number of candles that grace your birthday cake, that conjures up a cauldron of mixed emotions. The most common one, is reflection. Where are you in life? Is time running out? What have you yet to achieve?

Is this healthy? To measure every precious moment? Botox may freeze the facial crinkles… But it doesn’t freeze life.

Isn’t it perhaps more beneficial to be embracing the challenges that life throws at us, and be remoulding, flexing, establishing our new boundaries and getting pleasure from adapting to, and pushing towards them? That is…after all…what life is. And if you could stop the hands of time, wouldn’t that be an almighty shame? To miss those experiences that truly shape humanity?

Determination. Enthusiasm. Embracing. Adapting.

A few more words that CAN relate to ageing. The other night I watched a captivating programme on Channel 4, titled ‘Fabulous Fashionistas’. And the ladies that featured in it ranged from early 70’s to their 90’s! All had one thing in common – they had embraced age. They had embraced it – but not conformed. And the result of this game changing attitude? Just that – they were all truly living life more fully than the stereotype of old.

Ok, so where am I going with this?

EVERY word that I have listed, can be applied to what you and I are going through. I’m going to suggest 2 more.


Wouldn’t it be amazing, if we could accept what has happened or is happening to us? I accept… that acceptance doesn’t happen over night. Different things will help each of us in different ways. It may be Counselling; Blogging;  Talking; Writing; Meditation; Listening to others in the same boat; It may be fast, or it may be slow. And you know what? We may reach that stage of acceptance, and something may throw a spanner in the works again!! Then? We need the determination to embrace change again… start at the beginning, and experience the roller-coaster ride of acceptance again.


Depending on what is happening in your life – there may be countless challenges to face.  Face them head on. This may involve adapting, will definitely involve some unease and frustration, but I guarantee  that the outcome will be exhilaration. At the moment, I’m challenging myself to actually slow down in order to go faster. My natural inclination is a hundred miles an hour, but I know that in my case that may result in a few steps back. By slowing… I aim to soon be in a position to then start to achieve my fitness targets. Thats physically. Mentally… This has forced me to be me. I feel exposed writing this blog. I’m getting better at talking about how I feel. I now aspire to inspire!

I’m not saying “Forget it! Chin up!”

But rightly or wrongly this is the hand that we are being dealt. We can immerse ourselves in pain and depression, and NOT actually live and feel the new moments of our lives. That’s not for me. Shun the stereotype. I’m making a conscious decision, to forget about the botox – and start living again.
We may have a few wrinkles or scars – let that shape us – but not define us.
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