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Give me a spark, and I will magnify the shit out of it!

Topics don’t get more personal than an individuals health, and as such it evokes a full spectrum of responses, something I have become really comfortable with over time! So yesterday I shared a lighthearted in [...]

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Things not going your way? Lets talk about communication!

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or any social networking forum, think about the characters that you have friended or followed... 80% of them will fall into a category.  The 'I'm oh so cool look at [...]

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Forget about the botox and start living again!

Uneasy. Unprepared. Hopeful. Frustrating. Tiring. Exhilarating. Painful. Precious. Optimistic. Reflective. A few words that have been related to getting old... Whether you are making that transition from teens to twenties, 60's to 70's, or like [...]

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