About Me


Hi, I’m Susie. A Certified Coach with a background in leadership for world class companies .

I now coach people to become ‘shamelessly you.’ This means the brightest, most authentic, yell it from the top of a mountain and let confidence shine from every inch of you, you. Because anything less is a waste of your unique awesomeness!

Anything less means that the world is missing out!

I do this both in Personal Life Coaching and Corporate Environments.

We live in a world where careers and home lives blur… We feel the pressure of expectations. The stress, anxiety and constant questioning of ourselves, that comes from being expected to have the ‘right’ career, to have the ‘right’ appearance, the ‘right’ relationship, the ‘right’ interests and pastimes… the ‘right right right’… and doing it all with perfectly white teeth and a smile thats filtered immaculately for instagram. Day after day.  And it is exhausting.

I can help. Because this was me. I’m not fighting against the current any longer, I’m being shamelessly me and the reality of that is incredible.

It rocketed my career in the corporate world. It helped me to unlock my health and overcome chronic illness.  I sleep soundly… no 3am wake ups questioning if I said the right thing 2 weeks ago!

I can help you to do the same.

Start creating your new life now!

Looking for real change in your life? Want to build a better future?
I’ve been there!

5 years ago I had one major wake up call. One that was so extreme my body wouldn’t let me ignore it any longer! I had been slurring my words for days,  and one morning my smile didn’t smile back in the mirror, my face had dropped.

The journey that followed has been long  but one I would never change.  I won’t tell you every detail here but you can catch the story in my blog and at my speaking events. Diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease MS, I knew in my heart that I had to get my life back, and my journey of ‘slurring to superwoman’ began.

It started with nutrition, and took my first steps on the road to healing. I began to meditate. I learned and learned every single little thing that could help me along the way and threw myself in.

All the while, I still suffered from huge anxiety. The kind that makes you replay a conversation over and over again and beat yourself from every angle because you didn’t say the right thing. No-one had a clue! I was confident, successful in my career, appeared very assured socially.

A very successful career, glamorous social life, my life appeared to be perfect.

And I wholeheartedly believe that I had lost my true self so completely, because I was shaping myself to be the expected and the accepted… that my body was trying to give me a wake up call.

My story continues.  I unlocked the next stages of health and genuine happiness in my life! I have conquered anxiety. I fill every day with  things that make me happy and also own a successful coaching business.

I have achieved, drug free, what the neurologists told me that I couldn’t achieve.

I am healthy. I remembered who I am! I have forgotten the shackles of the expectations of the world and I am shamelessly me. And it feels incredible.

Does this resonate with you? Excite you? Our stories may be different but theres a glimmer that strikes a chord? Get in touch, let’s talk!