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Hi, I’m Susie. A Certified Coach and recovered ‘expected lifer’.

I coach people to become ‘shamelessly you.’ This means the brightest, most authentic, yell it from the top of a mountain and let confidence shine from every inch of you, you.

Because anything less is a waste of your unique awesomeness!

Anything less means that the world is missing out!

You feel the pressure of expectations. The stress, anxiety and constant questioning of yourself, that comes from being expected to have the ‘right’ career, to have the ‘right’ appearance, the ‘right’ relationship, the ‘right’ interests and pastimes… the ‘right right right’… and doing it all with perfectly white teeth and a smile thats filtered immaculately for instagram. Day after day.  And it is exhausting you.

I can help you my friend. Because this was me. I’m not fighting against the current any longer, I’m being shamelessly me and the reality of that is incredible. It rocketed my career in the corporate world. It helped me to unlock my health and overcome chronic illness.  I sleep soundly… no 3am wake ups questioning if I said the right thing 2 weeks ago!

I can help you to do the same.



When I first met Susie I was really insecure and nervous to share my life. I had so many negative thoughts about myself. The first session was very emotional! But Susie was really reassuring and understood everything, she showed me the bright side of my life and helped me to change what I wanted and needed to. It was tough, but every session I stepped forward and she was with me all the time. Now that I have finished sessions with angel Susie, I’m much happier and know that I can do whatever I plan in my life, and that I won’t give up!

Marta Zablonska, 


Working with Susie has been so therapeutic. Her ability to understand me and help to bring clarity to my situation when I was at my lowest was amazing. The techniques that she used were something that I have never experienced and I found it really refreshing! As we progressed through our sessions, our trust became so strong and we were able to get right to the problem. I am now in a place of peace and have a clear vision. Thank you Susie for helping me bring it all together.

Kim Arkley,

Kuala Lumpur

She’s my hero! I can honestly say that if I hadn’t met Susie, I’d be at the doctor for anti depressants and completely stuck in a dark hole. But I’m not! Susie gently got me to listen to myself, and guided me back to who I am at my core. This wasn’t about following a strict regime or adhering to a certain school of thought, it was me remembering who I am and what I stand for. It sounds so simple but without Susie I wouldn’t have got there. Turns out as soon as you start living authentically, you’re a lot happier! 

Rachel Hanretty,



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